Financial Industry Collective Outreach

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Financial Industry Collective Outreach

FINCO stands for Financial Industry Collective Outreach and with 107 Malaysian financial institutions as our members, FINCO is the largest collective impact initiative in Malaysia.

At FINCO, we envision a future where all people achieve their potential. By building powerful partnerships and useful tools, we build a better future for every child.

Collective Impact

Collective impact brings together the power of numbers and a unifying agenda to achieve results that are difficult to achieve alone.

Shared Measurement
We measure results and share accountability.

Common Agenda
We share a common vision for change.

Continuous Communication
We build trust with consistent and open communication.

Mutually Reinforcing Activites
Our actions are coordinated to ensure maximum impact.

Backbone Support
A separate organisation brings us all together by coordinating our efforts.

FINCO Pillars

English Proficiency

English is fun!

By making English learning fun for both children and teachers, FINCO is helping to improve English proficiency in our public schools.

Our first English proficiency initiative is focused on primary school children and is called the FINCO Reads, by working with local educators in Sabah, FINCO empowers local educators in creating English learning tools for their fellow educators.

When learning English is fun for kids and rewarding for teachers impact and scale follows.

Life Aspiration

Life is exciting!

By leveraging on the wisdom of thousands from all walks of life, FINCO is giving upper secondary students access to a deep pool of mentors with wide ranging experience in every career imaginable.

The life aspiration initiative is called FINCO Mentor and comprises online and offline segments:

  • The offline segment brings volunteers into schools to support both students and school counselors in exciting students with what happens beyond school. The offline initiative allows us to reach students and educators that lack access to the internet.
  • The online segment allows curated mentors from all over the country to sign up to mentor our youth and allows for easier engagement and coordination of volunteers.