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Financial Industry Collective Outreach

The Financial Industry Collective Outreach (FINCO) is a collaborative initiative pioneered by all financial institutions in Malaysia with the support of Bank Negara Malaysia.

Our big goal is to provide underprivileged children and youth with the guidance and educational tools they need to achieve their life goals.

Collective Outreach

Collective outreach is a framework to tackle complex social problems.
A collective impact model includes:

Shared Measurement
We measure results and share accountability.

Common Agenda
We share a common vision for change.

Mutually Reinforcing Activites
Our actions are coordinated to ensure maximum impact.

Continuous Communication
We build trust with consistent and open communication.

Backbone Support
A separate organisation brings us all together by coordinating our efforts.

Four Strategic Pillars with Well Defined Impact Outcomes

FINCO facilitates financial industry collaboration under four pillars:

Financial Literacy

Students who have exposure to financial education are more likely to have reduced financial vulnerability and increased assets in the future

Disaster Relief

Students and communities who receive timely and appropriate advice and support are more likely to improve resilience and develop the capacity for self-recovery