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The Financial Industry Collective Outreach (FINCO) is a collaborative initiative pioneered by all financial institutions in Malaysia with the support of Bank Negara Malaysia. The collaboration was established in 2017 with the big goal to provide underprivileged children and youth with the guidance and educational tools they need to achieve their life goals.

FINCO is the largest collective impact initiative in Malaysia. While financial institutions have a long history of supporting the community through individual events, programmes and charitable donations, FINCO was the industry’s first joint initiative to tackle pressing social issues in an effective and sustainable manner. By coming together to design and deliver programmes, the financial institutions in Malaysia can have a greater impact on society. FINCO’s initial focus areas are increasing access to opportunities for underprivileged children through mastering English and cultivating life aspirations through exposure to global careers and personal development opportunities. In order to achieve this, FINCO has developed two flagship programmes – FINCO Reads and FINCO Mentor.

As it expands, FINCO strives to design and execute its programmes for long-term impact. FINCO works closely with strategic partners and stakeholders to ensure the sustainability and scalability of each programme it rolls out.

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