In an increasingly competitive job market, it is important to explore all avenues for finding a good job. One of the ways to do so is by creating professional profiles for yourself on various Job Search Platforms.

Each job search platform has its own unique characteristics. You may select the platform which is best suited to your job search:

  • LinkedIn: Linkedin works as a form of social media for professionals. Aside from being able to search for jobs, you can also share opinions and connect with others through the platform. This platform is widely used around the world.
  • Jobstreet: Jobstreet is used primarily in Southeast Asia. A variety of career opportunities are advertised on Jobstreet.
  • Hiredly: Hiredly is used by local companies. One of the special characteristics about this platform is that you can also find Internship opportunities through Hiredly.
  • Maukerja: Maukerja is used by local companies. This platform advertises more non-executive jobs (such as a restaurant worker, customer service etc.)

When creating a profile, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that you have the best chances of securing an interview or a job. Read on to find out more!

1. Profile Picture

For a majority of platforms, you will be asked to upload a profile picture of yourself. Including a photo of yourself helps establish credibility and can also help you stand out from the crowd. However, it is important to ensure that the picture you select is professional and appropriate.

In order to ensure that you have a professional profile picture, take a look at the checklist below:

  • Wear appropriate clothes: Wear a shirt and other formal clothing to appear professional
  • Do not use photos where you are posing inappropriately
  • Do not use a selfie as your profile photo: ask for your parent’s, teacher’s or friend’s help to take an appropriate photo
  • Your face needs to be the focus of the photo
  • Smile naturally


2. Profile Information

The next important part of a job search profile is ensuring that all relevant information is filled up accurately. Filling up only half your profile does not leave a good impression on others who may view it. Below is some important information which needs to be included:

  • Profile Summary: Use this to introduce yourself and showcase your personality to stand out from the crowd.
  • Education: Explain the course that you studied, your school results, subjects which you are most proficient in, etc.
  • Skills: Show off the skills which you are most proud of; whether they are hard skills (such as IT Management) or soft skills (such as Communication skills). Provide several examples for your potential employers to assess your skills.
  • Work Experience and Co-curricular activities: Your potential employers will focus on your past experience! Your work experience or co-curricular activities are good pieces of evidence to show your suitability for the job. Make sure to explain the tasks which you have completed in your various roles.
  • School Awards: Aside from that, the awards which you have achieved in the past are also evidence of your ability.
  • Portfolio: Portfolio (samples of your work) can be shown as proof of experience, especially if you are applying for a job as a photographer or designer. Your past work is important evidence for your potential employer to assess your abilities.

3. Ensuring Your Profile Looks Professional

Once you are done with filling up your profile with all relevant information, make sure to do a quick check to ensure that there are no spelling errors. You can also ask someone to look through your profile to help spot any mistakes.

Make sure your email address which you have used on the Job Search profile is also professional.

4. Upload Your Resume To The Platform

In order to make the most out of a job search platform, ensure you upload your latest Resume to your profile. Make sure to keep your Resume updated at all times on your profile. Some job platforms also use Artificial Intelligence to match your Resume to suitable jobs!


Finally, to have the best chance of getting a job using an online job platform, make sure your profile is updated and active at all times. Certain platforms like LinkedIn allow you to interact with others.

Nowadays, most employers use job search platforms to find employees. The ability to present yourself through such a platform is a very important skill. While you may be looking for work through career fairs or in person, your digital profile will be referenced. So, you are encouraged to build your profile early!

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