FINCO has two flagship programs

The FINCO Reads and FINCO Mentor.

Both of which are designed for impact and for scale.


The FINCO Reads is an initiative designed to make English learning fun. By creating easy to use toolkits for teachers to use, we make English learning fun for teachers and students alike.

FINCO Mentor

By coupling online resources with active on-the-ground volunteers, the FINCO Future brings massive numbers of volunteers to help students dream big.


The FINCO Reads is English fun! Imagine a treasure hunt and imagine a book. Now imagine both of them flurried up together in a whirlwind of reading and running and searching and questioning and laughing. This is the FINCO Reads, where primary level kids get excited about reading and master English.

Every quarter, an English book is chosen by the students, they work through the book together with their peers and guided by their teachers. At the end of every quarter, there is an Amazing Race style treasure hunt in school. At the hunt, multiple stations manned by volunteers are throwing book related tasks to the students.

There is of course a winning team for the FINCO Reads, but everyone is a winner – students win because they improve in English, teachers win because class is fun and students are attentive.

FINCO Mentor

Mentors from all walks of life, of different personalities, from contrasting careers and experiences come together in FINCO Future.

Making a decision for the future is difficult, especially for 15 to 17 year olds. Science or arts? Vocational or mainstream? Business or communications? These are all questions that FINCO Mentors tries to answer by:

  1. Setting up an online portal for long term mentor-mentee conversations.
  2. Bringing volunteers into schools for life aspiration events.
  3. Bringing more resources to assist school counselors.

For upper secondary school students, getting life and career advice is now easier than ever. To apply to mentor our youth, please fill out this form and we will be in touch: sign_up?program_signup=Finco% 20Mentor&enterprise=5