Resources for Teachers

The resources available here are free primary and secondary school teaching resources to use in your classrooms. It includes modules, worksheets, activities, classroom games, lesson plans and readings for teachers to upskill themselves. The FINCO team ensures the resources are of the highest quality and are suitable for your students.

Note : Some resources have been designed to complement training provided exclusively to FINCO Reads teachers, but the majority of content is a handy resource for all primary English teachers.

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NEW: Interactive Reading Corner Handbook 2021

An Interactive Reading Corner (IRC) provides teachers with opportunities to conduct different kinds of extensive reading activities with their pupils. There are numerous engaging ways you can incorporate extensive reading activities into your classroom, such as listening, role-play, reading, writing and vocabulary activities, all of which link very well to the Malaysian school curriculum and are suitable for pupils of all levels and ages. Download the IRC Handbook for some ideas.