From A to Bee with IRC

Cikgu Piong from SK Sebat, Lundu, Sarawak was glad to receive the FINCO Reads Pupil Activities to supplement her Interactive Reading Corner (IRC) activities. After trying out the Five Finger Test, Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check and Ringgit Maker with her Year 5 and 6 students she initially noticed that her students were more engaged and showed a greater interest in learning English.

Cikgu Piong
English teacher
SK Sebat, Sarawak

Cikgu Piong also noticed an increase in the number of books read per month and that students were more willing to speak English in class, along with a marked improvement in vocabulary and spelling. When their teacher expressed an interest in enrolling them in a spelling competition, the students were initially skeptical and didn’t show any interest in joining. After consistent implementation of reading strategies and the Pupil Activities the students eventually gained in confidence and were motivated to join the competition. 

The Spell It Right Competition, for Upper Primary students, is a spelling bee organised by PPD Lundu in conjunction with Pesta Regatta Batang Kayan, and held at Dewan Mahligai Gading, Lundu on 23 September 2022. SK Sebat participated for the first time ever with three students selected to represent the school — two students from Year 6 and one from Year 5. These students battled through the two elimination rounds and made it to the finals where Year 6 students Aiza finished in 2nd place and Windaud won the consolation prize. Cikgu Piong found that it was a great learning experience for the students and it really boosted their confidence, especially in using English to communicate.

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