FINCO Most Outstanding Student of the Year 2021, Azizol

We meet thousands of secondary school students each year through the FINCO ASPIRE workshops. Read what Azizol had to say about our workshops and his career goals

Mohamad Azizol Abudal Wahid

Mohamad Azizol Abudal Wahid
SMK Getting, Kelantan

Do you know what you want to do as a career?
Yes, I plan to become a psychiatrist.

Why do you want to do this?
When I was a child, I didn’t have many friends or know how to engage with people. As I got older, I did research on emotions and behaviours in order to understand people better. That’s how it all started. In the future I’d like to change people’s perceptions about mental health to reduce discrimination and reduce the suicide rates.

Did you attend many FINCO ASPIRE Workshops or talks?
I have attended between 7 or 8 FINCO workshops. Mostly about something related to my career. Such as clinical psychology or medical. Not to forget the interview workshop. It helped a lot in building confidence.

Can you share two or three key things that you learnt?
I learnt how to build my confidence and how I suppose to control my emotions when talking to others.

Did you change or improve your career plans or take any other action after attending the FINCO workshops or talks?
No, I didn’t change anything. However, FINCO give me courage to pursue my dream.

What advice would you give to other young people who are having difficulty planning their future?
Actually, I get this question a lot mostly from my friends. Personally, I think that those young people must know what they want to do in the future and think how to achieve it. As for example, I want to be a psychiatrist. So, to achieve it I need to be in science stream. Then go to matriculation/foundation course. After that, search for a university and so on. Not to forget, I should have a great result on my SPM certificate. Just do not give up. You might not see the results now, but you will in the future. When we talk about future it doesn’t literally mean work. It might be your house, wife, what you want to do, travel etc. Just do not give up. Use your dreams as a motivation!

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