Issues Young People in Malaysia are Facing

1 out of 5 students fail English at SPM

Ministry of Education (PADU) 2020 Report

12.4% of 15 to 24 year-olds are unemployed

Department of Statistics, Labour Force 2021

47% of Malaysian youths have high levels of credit card debt

Bank Negara Malaysia, 2020

Malaysians suffered RM157.4 million in living quarter losses

Department of Statistics, Special Report on Impact of Flood in Malaysia 2022

Our Impact Model

Innovate and scale programmes to ensure that young people enjoy inclusive access to high quality educational initiatives.

Develop an evidence base by collecting and collating data from programme participants and communities to shape evidence-informed, sustainable and localised solutions.

Facilitate learning opportunities which empower educators and students to accelerate learning for growth.

Place partnerships and collaboration at the heart of our work to build sustainable initiatives based on shared values.

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