FINCO Volunteer: Eddy

Financial industry volunteers play a vital role in FINCO’s programmes, supporting teachers in providing students with exposure and opportunities to practice English, as well as providing guidance and insights on planning for the future. Read more about what Eddy had to say about his volunteering experience with FINCO.

Mr. Eddy Yew
Financial Education Lead, Corporate Responsibility
Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad

As a young boy in the Scouts the motto was ‘be prepared’ and that meant to be prepared to ‘be useful and help others always’. I have carried that motto with me as an adult and so I grab all the opportunities I can to help others and I have realised that, though I may not always be the most knowledgeable or the richest, there is always something I can give. As volunteers we think we are going to be the ones giving but we are often the ones receiving. One such moment was whilst volunteering at the career fair to share the kind of job opportunities and careers that my company can offer. It was inspiring to hear students at such a young age talk about giving back by earning money so they could support their families. My advice to those wanting to volunteer is to plan ahead and schedule volunteering time in advance in order to really make it happen.

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As a FINCO Mentor, I hope to encourage more youths to join the financial services industry and consider a role in investment banking in particular. Investment banks enable nation building and wealth creation by connecting capital with companies. I aim to share my knowledge and experience to inspire our youths and help them achieve their potential, anchored in the right values and sustainability-first thinking, to become the next generation leaders who will propel us into the future.

En. Fad’l Mohamed, FINCO Director, Deputy Chairman, Malaysian Investment Banking Association (MIBA) and CEO, Maybank Investment Bank

As a volunteer mentor, we were tasked to guide students to produce a resume based on the requirements of the workshop. Not all of the students had access to a laptop and regular internet connectivity. Many crafted their resumes on their phones or via pen and paper. This was one of the reasons why the workshop was conducted via WhatsApp. It was definitely an unforgettable experience for me and in the process, I too learnt about the challenges that the students faced and developed a greater appreciation for the work that FINCO does.

Ms. Hui-Yi Kho, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad

It was truly a humbling experience to see how appreciative the children were having the volunteers around to guide them with the activities. The outdoor learning session gives the children a broader opportunity to explore their creativity in solving problems, learning new vocabulary as well as honing teamwork skills. Though some were shy and timid, most of them warmed up to the volunteers instantaneously and were playing proactive roles in the tasks given. They were not afraid to ask questions even if they had to take their time to form a proper English sentence. As a volunteer who has always had a keen interest in education, it gives me immense joy facilitating the children in completing their task and ending the session with ”Yay, we did it. Good job everyone!”.

Ms. Scholastica Maria, Group Events & Corporate Social Responsibility department, AmBank