The Best Social Enterprise Winners 2021

In 2021,  33 teams of primary students set up a social enterprise as part of FINCO’s pilot Good SENS Programme and four were recognised as The Best Social Enterprise winners. Students and some of their teachers reflected on their most memorable moments participating in this programme.

The Best Social Enterprise 2021 winners were:

Team Money Makers
SK Shah Alam

Team Rainbow
SK Taman Sri Muda 2

Team Money Matter
SK Taman Bunga Raya 1

Team Power
SJKT Ladang Kinrara

Students participating in
FINCO’s Good SENS Programme

Students from Team Money Makers from SK Shah Alam were:
  • Aimy Arieana Binti Mohd Shahrair Umma
  • Ahmad Ghazi Bin Muhamad Hanafiah
  • Dhia Alisha Binti Misri
  • Muhammad Nasrul Bin Zainonzaman
  • Taj An Nur Tsara Binti Misri
Teachers supporting the team are:
  • Noor Rasyeedah binti Ahmad Sanusi 
  • Noor Asyikin binti Yusof
What the team has to say:

“We managed to pick up many skills throughout this programme, including communication skills, running a business, managing our money and problem-solving skills when handling a business. Furthermore, we also learn to work as a team and make decisions together. For me personally (Dhia Alisha), I picked up leadership skills as I had to lead the team. What we enjoyed most was producing and selling our product together as a team.”

Advice for other students: “Join the programme and do not underestimate yourself as you will learn a lot and meet many others that will guide you!”

Team Rainbow

Students from Team Rainbow from SK Taman Sri Muda 2 were:
  • Adeeleen Sofia Bt Amrus,
  • Khairul Amsyar Bin Mohd Sofian,
  • Mohamad Adam Bin Mohd. Nizam,
  • Nur Dhiya Farisha Bt Mohd Ruzaimie,
  • Shaanjenaa Shasi Kumar
Teachers supporting the team were:
  • Annie a/p Dominie
  • Zalida Bt Sulaiman
What the team has to say:

“We gained insights on how to run a business. I learned that planning is very important in a business.

We need a business plan first before starting a business because without a business plan, the business could fail. One thing I (Mohamad Adam) will not forget is that before joining the Rainbow team, I was part of another team that did not want to cooperate and that was very sad. My mentor advised me to move forward and choose another team., I learned to believe in myself and never give up. We managed to plant 200 mangrove seedlings from the profit of the business!”

Advice for other students: “Do not be nervous, never give up and always believe in yourself!”

Team Money Matter

Students from Team Money Matter from SK Taman Bunga Raya 1 were:
  • Muizz Aliy Ridhwan Bin Rohaizad,
  • Nor Ziedan Asyraf Bin Nor Azliman,
  • Nurqaliesya Imanie Binti Mohd Anuar,
  • Nurul Rayhanna Binti Mohd Yusuff
Teachers supporting the team were:
  • Intan Erisha binti Jamaludin
  • Ambiga
What the team has to say:

“We learn most about making business decisions by analysing the market. Through our analysis, we found out that the community’s income is low and we decided on a business that is relevant to the community that is to sell used or new items that are donated to us for a cheaper price to the community. The most fun time we had as a team was planning and running the business together because we are all close friends!”

Advice for other students: “Join the programme to learn more about financial literacy and building your own social enterprise, you will also get a lot of help from supportive mentors!”

Team Power

Students from Team Power from SJKT Ladang Kinrara were:
  • Andrea Amesha Nair Priveenthan Nair,
  • Arulini Soman Bapu,
  • Kishanram Suthagar,
  • Shashina Selva Gunalan
Teachers supporting Team Power were:
  • Subathra Saras A/P Selliah @ Chelliah
  • Sarathambal S.Muniandy
What the team has to say:

“As a team, we learned how to bake! We also learned how to earn money, budget, calculate profit, save and invest. The proudest and most memorable moment was our parents telling us we won the Top 4 Best Overall Social Enterprise Award. That was the time we knew our hard work paid off – that was standing for 10 hours to bake and pack before selling our muffins in the schools. ”

Advice for other students: “Pick a wise location for your business and ensure you’ve a budget planned to earn more profit.”

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